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Livestock rearing and animal husbandry play a very important role in the overall economy of the district. Almost every house has got a few livestock and cattle. It provide supplementary income and also generates gainful employment in the rural sector particularly small and marginal farmers and less privileged and socially disadvantaged strata of the society. The sector not only provides the basic motive power of the various agricultural operations it is also a constant source of protein and food item. Cattle, buffalo, goat, pig and dog are reared both for motive power and meat while mithun is reared in its wild form for meat only.

The number of livestock as per the census of 1997 in the district is given below:
1.Cattle         - Indigenous 19,739
                     - Cross breed 13,784
2.Pig             - 66,300
3.Goat          - 15,807
4.Dog           - 4,213

Source: Directorate of Economic & Statistics, Govt. of Nagaland.

The district has one State poultry farm, one piggery upgrading center, six stockman center, two veterinary dispensary, nine veterinary outpost, one centralised semen bank, two quarantine check post, organized slaughter house, one frozen semen cum Bull station, one Goat rearing farm, one breeding farm and one Meat Inspection Centre.

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