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MAP CHANGPANG CIRCLE (Note: click on map to download)

Changpang situated in the Lower Lotha Range in the Bhandari Sub-Division. Changpang is situated around 120 Kms away from the Wokha District Hqrs.

ONGC started survey works as early as 1963 in the Changpang area of Nagaland under Wokha District. The survey report indicated that there is sufficient Hydro Carbon (Crude Oil) deposits all along the Nagaland Foothill adjoining Assam. This belt is geographically known as “SCHUPPEN BELT”

ONGC discovered oil in the Changpang area and the trial production started in March, 1981. this area of the SCHUPPEN BELT was found to be highly oil prospective.

The Nagaland State Government stopped all ONGC activities on the 2nd of May, 1994, on matters of Government policy.

However, presently there are on-goings talks between, the Lotha Public and the Government of Nagaland, and the Government of Nagaland and the ONGC, for the resumption of operation for exploration and production of petroleum products in the Changpang oil fields.

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    Changpang Circle EAC

Japheth Woch
Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC), Changpang

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