1. On the 9th day of the proclamation for Tokhu Emong, the priest shall go the appointed or marked place outside the village as usual with a pig. He shall scratch the earth and keep the pig over it. He shall than pronounce ritual prayer and kill the pig with a long spear, specially made for such purposes.  The pork than shall be distributed to all the households where dead had taken place in the same year.

  2. On the appointed date of tokhu Emong, as the cocks crow, every male member from 12 years and above from every household (except the household's where dead had taken place) shall go to the Morung with local brew, cooked fish and meat. There shall be a big camp fire; drinking, eating together with merry making and this is known to be the main Tokhu Feast. By and by discussions on various subjects like the prevailing conventional lwas inculding correction and additions in any, guidance and controlof youth in general and corrections of unruly households if any amongst the neighbours shall be made. The meeting and the feast shall be conclude with the folk songs of victory before the sun-rise.

  3. The households where dead had taken place, shall cook and eat the pork given to them by the priest. They shall perform the last rites from the dead. In the evening after sunset, they would release the dead souls, who had so far been with the living persons for the year. The eldest male or female in the house shall take the produce of the little by little: Paddy, Mustard Seed, Ginger, Taro, Chillies, Maize, Beans etc. and go to the place marked for the release of the dead souls, outside the village. They would keep these produces in an appropriate place and tearfully ask them to leave the living persons for their abode of the dead, " The Diyu Elung". Thus, the dead persons from the next date of the last year's Tokhu Emong to the completed 5 days in the case of a female and 6 days in the case of a male on the current date of Tokhu Emong shall all be released. The next day they shall remove all the fencings of the graves.

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