About District

Home of Lothas having a total geographical area of 1628 Sq. Km, accounting 9.82% of the total geographical area of the State, Wokha District is situated in the mid Western part of the Nagaland State.

Wokha literally means Census in Lotha. It was a place where Lothas counted heads before spreading out into the villages during their waves of migration.

The Wokha District is situated in the mid western part of Nagaland State, adjacent to Sibsagar plain of the Assam State. It is bounded by Mokokchung District in the North, Kohima District in the South. Zunheboto District in the East and the State of the Assam in the West. The Wokha District is situated at a latitude of 26° ‘8’ North and a longitude of 94° ’18’ East.

The District is divided into three (3) ranges, which are as follows: –

  1. Wokha Range or Upper Range, which falls in the upper North Eastern parts of the district.
  2. Sanis Range or Middle Range, which covers the middle part of the district.
  3. Bhandari Range or Lower Range is the outer most part of the district which extents from the Japukong range of Mokokchung District and gradually slopes down to the Assam plains in the North Western side. Two of the most fertile valleys are in this range and they are the Baghty and churung valleys.