Non Governmental Organization

Lotha Students’ Union (LSU)

The Lotha Students’ Union was established in the year 1935 to strive for unity, to preserve our culture and tradition, safeguard common interest, integrity, fraternity and co-operation amongst ourself all over the Lotha inhabited areas with the Motto “All For One, One For All”.

The LSU have its proper established office at Okying Wokha Town (Po. Box 81) 797111.

Some of the Aims and objectives of LSU are:-

  • To forster the spirit of unity and oneness among the Students’ community of the Lothas.
  • To Cultivate, propagate and preserve the traditional culture, customs and heritage of the Lothas.
  • To safeguard the common interest of the Lothas and The students community and to strive and work for common good and welfare of the Lothas and particularly students community all over the Lothas inhabited areas.
  • To promote peace and understanding among all peace loving people.


           (LIPEMO M TSOPOE)

            President, LSU