The district has some cottage Industries such as weaving, pottery, blacksmithy, carpentry and other

Handicrafts & Weaving is one of the most common Industries found in almost all the household. Weaving is a prerogative of the women. It has come down from mother to daughter and so on. Every Lotha household makes its traditional clothes for both men and women. They make various designs on the mekhalas and shawls. There are different kinds of shawls with different designs for use of people of different social status. It may be mentioned that person having given feasts of merit, are entitled to use one particular shawl which the common people are not entitled to. But nowadays the age-old tradition of restriction on use of such clothe is disappearing. There are different kinds of shawl with different social significance. In modern times, the people are wearing neckties, bags etc. of various designs, apart from the traditional clothes.

Pottery is an important age-old industry which is still practiced in the upper range of the district. The type of pots produced from this area is very thick and is useful for cooking purpose and as container of valuable household goods.

Cane and Bamboo works is another important industry which the Lothas inherited from their forefathers. Bamboo tubes (chunga) are not only use for water containers but is use for cooking rice in festival occasions. Bamboo crafts, with engraved figurines studded with black paintings, such as bowls and mugs have artistic value. Parts of their ornamental dress such as fillets, leggings, headgears waver of cane have similar artistic significance. Baskets making is also harvested crops but also for carrying purpose.