District Rural Development Agency

District Rural Development Agency(DRDA) is headed by Project Director/DPC(MGNREGA) with its headquarter at Wokha Town. The department is divided into 7 Blocks namely Wokha, Chukitong, Wozhuro, Ralan, Changpang, Bhandari, Sanis for proper implementation and monitoring of the developmental activities of the Department.

The Department implement various state and Centrally sponsored schemes like MGNREGA, PMAYG,GIA and NRLM.


The main objective of the scheme is to provide for the enhancement of livelihood security of the households in rural areas by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wages employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. At present the District has 134 villages with a total number of 34,499 job card holders which is divided in 7 blocks.

Permissible work under MGNREGA

  1. Water conservation and water harvesting
  2. Drought Proofing(including afforestation)
  3. Irrigation canals
  4. Provision of Irrigation family to land owned household belonging to SC/ST
  5. Renovation of traditional water bodies
  6. Land development
  7. Flood control
  8. Rural connectivity
  9. Other works notified by central government in consultation with the state government.


PMAY-(G) ( Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Gramin) aims at providing a pucca house with basic amenities to all houseless household and those household living in kutchha and dilapidated houses by 2022.

The most important features of PMAY-G is the selection of beneficiary to ensure that assistance is targeted to those who are genuinely deprived and that the selection is objective and verifiable, PMAY-G instead of selecting beneficiary from among the BPL household selects beneficiary using housing deprivation parameters in socio economic and caste census(SECC) 2011. On the basis of (SECC) 2011 permanent wait list has been generated to all the VDBs, the selection of PMAY-G will be made on the basis of this list.


Grant-in-aid(GIA) is a state sponsored scheme wherein household allocation are provided for the VDBs to develop infrastructure and implement income generating activities. Scheme are selected by the VDBs based on the quantum of the village allocation.

Grant-in aid(GIA) funds are allocated to the VDBs is made on the basis of 0 to 66 household Rs. 66,000/- and above 67 household per household at the rate of Rs. 1000/- the VDBs has to utilized 25% and 20% of the total allocation for women and youth programmes to ensure the benefits of the scheme to all the section of the village citizens.


NRLM aims to reduce poverty by enabling the poor household to access gainful self employment and skill wage employment opportunity resulting in a sustainable livelihood.

The basic idea behind this programme is to organized the poor into Self Help Group(SHG) and made them capable for self employment.

NRLM look at the entire portfolio of livelihood of each poor household and work towards stabilizing and enhancing the livelihood and subsequently diversifying their livelihood.

Under DRDA Wokha four Blocks namely Chukitong, Wokha, Sanis and Changpang are covered under NRLM. The remaining Blocks namely Ralan, Wozhuro and Bhandari are likely to be covered during FY 2018-19.