Places of Interest

Mount Tiyi:

Nature trail leading to the peak of Mount Tiyi offers breath taking views of many places. Rhododendrons and other wild flowers is an eye catching to the leisurely more adventurous.

Adventure Camp at Doyang water sports zone (Doyang Hydro project):

The potentials and diversity it holds are perhaps far more than a lot of existing destinations. Tourist amenities like Tourist Reception Centre, Log Hut, Tribal Rejuvenation and Cafeteria are coming up in the Doyang Water Sports Zone.

Bird Watching:

Roosting site of Amur Falcon (Falcon Amurensis) lies on the way to Pangti village near Doyang valley. It is also known as the Amur Falcon capital of the World. The best time to view roosting of the birds is from second week of October to the first week of November. Camping site are provided by the villagers for trekkers. Best months to visit are between October and May when the landscape wears a green carpet and the flowers light up the skies with their bright hue.