Administrative Setup

The district is administered by a Deputy Commissioner under whom there are administrative circles each headed by either Sub-Divisional Officer(Civil) or Extra Assistant Commissioner. The administrative circle are Changpang, Aitepyong, Bhandari, Baghty, Sungro, Sanis, Lotsu, Ralan, Wozhuro, Wokha Sadar and Chukitong. 

The five R.D. blocks are: 

  1. Bhandari
  2. Sanis
  3. Wozhuro Ralan
  4. Wokha and
  5. Chukitong

The jurisdiction of some of the R.D. Blocks are spread over more then one revenue circle. The district Headquarter, namely Wokha is under Wokha Sadar circle. The distance of the district headquarter is 80 k.m. from Kohima the State capital.

There is an Additional Deputy Commissioner’s Office at Bhandari under him are 2 (two) E.A.C Hqs. namely Changpang and Baghty, Ralan E.A.C Hq. has recently upgraded to Sub – Divisional Hq. with S.D.O (C).

There is Sub – Divisional Hq. at Sanis with S.D.O (C) and under him are 3 (three) E.A.C Hqs. namely Sungro, Lotsu and Aetipyong. The entire establishment is administered from the District Administrative Hq. at Wokha.